Warranties and return

Warranty conditions

Devices are given 24 months. the warranty period stated on the warranty card or on the description of the item from the date of sale. During the warranty period, defects caused by assembly errors or poor quality materials will be eliminated.

Warranty service is provided if an invoice or cashier's receipt is provided. Failure to submit the purchase invoice or check as proof of when the item was purchased shall void the warranty.

For non-personal use by businesses, commercial companies and municipalities, the quality of Briggs & Stratton engines is 90 days.

Heavy duty equipment should be serviced every 3 months or according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

6 months for batteries. factory warranty.

Faults caused by the manufacturer's fault during the warranty period are rectified within 14-21 days. from delivery of the item for repair. Or within 45-62 days. if the repair part has to be delivered from abroad.

The following are excluded from the warranty:

The device has been used in a manner not in accordance with the operating conditions specified in the instruction manual;

Device damaged mechanically or otherwise;

The fault has been caused by too high a voltage or its surges (due to the customer's fault or not);

Using the device for its intended purpose;

Due to wear and tear on the auto parts (carbon brushes, wires, batteries, connectors, tool holders, etc.);

Warranty does not cover parts known as general purpose parts (filters, blades, belts and toothed belts, chains, plugs, bearings, hand starters, etc.).

Acceptance of the warranty claim is subject to compliance with the operating, maintenance, cleaning, storage and maintenance guidelines.

Faults caused by foreign objects, materials, liquids;

Faults caused by natural disasters (lightning, flood, etc.);

Faults when the device is overloaded;

Faults caused by the use of materials or spare parts not original or recommended by the manufacturer;

If the appliance has been repaired in poor quality by non-manufacturer authorized service centers;

If the unit has been disassembled or otherwise affected;

Failure to do the required preventive maintenance on time if the manufacturer so instructs.

Damage caused by dirt, salt water, or rust is not covered by the warranty. Defects, malfunctions, or failures caused by misuse, misuse, neglect, modification, improper service, or use of non-genuine accessories. Engine overheating due to user fault. When the unit breaks down in an accident.

Please note that:

All costs associated with shipping the item to and from the Warranty Center shall be borne by the Buyer. Goods for warranty repair are accepted at: Vytauto Didžiojo g. 31, Pakruojis, LT-83155, Lithuania. Tel. +37065246513

At the request of the buyer, the seller takes the item and delivers it to the buyer through the courier service, with the cost of picking up and shipping to the buyer.

For repaired or replaced goods, the warranty terms apply for the remainder of the warranty period.

Returning the goods

Returns of goods purchased in the e-shop are based on the 2001 Code of Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. August 17 Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Nr. 258 on the Approval of the Rules for the Sale of Goods and the Provision of Services in respect of Distance Contracts; June 29 Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Nr. 217 on the Approval of the Rules for Return and Exchange of Items.

Items that the buyer does not like in shape, size, color, model or set shall be replaced or returned by the Seller within 14 days of the day of delivery of the goods in the shop located at Vytauto Didžiojo g.31, Pakruojis. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

The Buyer shall return the unsatisfactory goods by their own means of transport or shall bear the return costs.

If the Buyer decides to terminate the contract and informs the Seller thereof, the Buyer loses the right to use the product from the date of dispatch of the notice. The date and time of dispatch of the notice shall be determined by the time of dispatch of the notice by the Buyer. If it is established that the item has been used (used) after the dispatch of the notice, the Seller has the right to refuse to terminate the contract.

The Buyer may exercise the right of return if the item has not been used, is intact and has not lost its appearance. Returned goods must be fully assembled. The Buyer shall be responsible for the complete assembly and packaging of the item. If the goods are not fully assembled and properly packaged, the Seller or its representative may refuse to accept the returned goods. Changes in the appearance of the product or its packaging that were necessary to inspect the product shall not be considered as a substantial change in the appearance of the product.

If the purchased item does not meet the quality requirements and has not been used, the Seller undertakes to replace the item of poor quality with the item of suitable quality, reduce the price accordingly or refund the money paid for the goods and their delivery within 7 days of the request. The goods must be returned in the original packaging of the goods and the consignment. The Buyer must also submit the original invoice for the goods and a completed and signed return form, which must state the reason for the return of the goods.