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Pakrovėjas-paleidėjas,12V, 840Ah, BGS 9613

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for jump start on 12V batteries for cars, SUVs and light trucks
battery voltage: 12 V
battery capacity: 22 Ah
peak current: 2500 A
starting current: 840 A (5 s)
battery type: lead battery, closed with solid electrolyte (AGM)
12 V cigarette lighter socket: 20 A protected, power source for other 12-V devices or for charging the start booster
12-V completely insulated jump start terminals with 87 cm flexible 25 mm² copper cable
protected against voltage peaks
charge condition display: LED display, 25% to 100%
battery condition check by LED display
charger: voltage supply 230 V AC, voltage output 12 V DC / 1.5 A with smart charging circuit, can remain on continuously without damaging the rechargeable battery or the start booster
short recharging (approx. 3 - 5 min.) via jump start cable allowed
Technical data
CE Standard Yes
Gross weight 11800 g

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