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Multi-launcher charger, 10800mAh, power bank BGS 9190
  • Multi-launcher charger, 10800mAh, power bank BGS 9190

Multi-launcher charger, 10800mAh, power bank BGS 9190

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emergency battery booster for gasoline engines up to 5.0 l diesel engines and up to 3.0 l engine capacity
5V voltage source for charging USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. with mini USB socket, micro USB socket, Apple "Lightning" and 30-pin Apple connector
12 / 16 / 19V voltage source for charging laptops, etc.
very handy, powerful device
small dimensions: 160 mm x 71 mm x 31 mm
display for: battery capacity in %voltage and current on 12 / 16 / 19V bus voltage and current on USB bus
battery capacity: 10.800 mAh (37 W/h)
starting current: 200A, top 400A (3s)
USB-output: 5V / 0.1 up to 3A
voltage output: 12V / 16V / 19V
automatic shut-off (approx. 15 sec.)
includes the following accessories:
1 battery booster
1 cable with jump leads
1 USB adaptor charging cable
1 laptop charging cable
8 charging cable adaptors (DC connector)
1 car charging cable
1 charger, 110-240V / 15V(1A)
Technical data
CE Standard Yes
Gross weight 1150 g

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