Akumuliatoriaus pakrovėjas TOURING 18 (12/24V), Telwin

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Single phase battery charger. Suitable for 12 and 24V WET-type (lead) batteries. It is equipped with battery charging indicator (0-25%-50%-75%- MAX). It is also equipped with overload and polarity reversal protection. Technical specs: Input: 230V-1f; Power: 230W; Charging: 12-24V; Battery capacity: 60-180Ah (12V) ja 50-115Ah (24V); Charging current: 13A (12V) ja 8A (24V); Weight: 2,9 kg.
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Akumuliatoriaus pakrovėjas-paleidėjas 12/24V, 180A, 500AH

Maitinimas: 230 V Nominali krovimo įtampa: 12/24 V Krovimo srovė: 40 / 35 A Max. krovimo srovė: 60 A Krovimo galingumas: 1000 / 1800 W Skirta akumuliatorių talpai: 50-500 Ah Paleidimo srovė: 180 A Funkcijos: normalus krovimas, greitas krovimas, paleidimas Svoris: 11 kg. Matmenys: 350 x 320 x 250 mm.

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